Materials and Print Types

Buying art can be confusing. In this store alone, we offer three different mediums to choose from. For someone unfamiliar, that can be overwhelming.

So for a better understanding, read on:

Luster backed - These come individually wrapped. The image is printed on a semi rigid material that has a density that falls somewhere between poster paper and cardstock. If you intend on framing the artwork yourself, this is the ideal option.

Luster with Mattboard/Foamboard - These are similar to Luster backed. However they come with a mattboard backing and mattboard "frame" of sorts. These are also the easiest to mount. As is, all you need is the same adhesive strips you would need to mount a poster to the wall. These can also be easily framed, but it is not required.

Lastly, the Gallery Wrap Canvases.  These must be mounted to the wall. They're generally thick, as it's canvas material stretched over wood. The Gallery Wrap Canvas is ideal for imagery you would like to serve as the eye catcher of the room. They're generally large and heavy. Our canvases come with picture frame wire pre-installed, however depending on where and how you would see this mounted, we recommend consulting your local art store for the ideal mounting system.